Why Hasn’t Vaping Been Discussed During the Debates

The 2016 presidential election has been turbulent to say the least. Whether you’re a Democrat, Republican or identify as an independent this was not the election cycle that we expected. On the left, Senator Bernie Sanders has risen to be the new liberal champion for progressives. Giving Hillary Clinton who was the presumed nominee, a major run for her money, nearly defeating her in Iowa and winning the primary in New Hampshire.

Over on the right, the Republican primary has become an all out battle royal between presidential hopefuls. At a time when the field winds down to one or two likely candidates, the majority of the campaigns are choosing to continue. Then of course there is Donald Trumps unexpected and often times controversial rise to becoming the republican front runner, having never ran for public office in his life.

This election is being determined by a number of key issues, such as immigration reform, and national security from the threat of ISIS and terrorism. Healthcare is another issue of course, as Obama care continues to be a point of contention among liberals and conservatives. Interestingly enough, one topic relating to health care has been completely overlooked, although it impacts nearly 10 million Americans.

Care to guess what that topic is?

Although the debate on vaping has been discussed on a state and local level, it has yet to be a topic mentioned in this presidential election.

As Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform and outspoken supporter for vapers rights put it “None of the candidates mentioned the Obama/Democrat war on Vaping and the 10million Americans who vape. Missed opportunity”. Mr. Norquist tweeted repeatedly about the vape industry during Saturday nights republican debate, even suggesting that the 10 million or so Americans who vape could equate for a massive swing vote in the election.

Its an interesting question, why haven’t they discussed vaping in any of the debates?
It certainly is a polarizing topic between the right and left. The strongest opponents of vaping tend to be Democrats, while the biggest proponents in government tend to be Republican.

The real question is, can we get any of the candidates running for their respective parties nomination to make a commitment towards helping the industry, and ensuring the preservation of vapers rights?

So whats the solution? how can we get the political heavy weights talking?
Well, the problem is the journalists who ask the questions. As a community we should collectively make an effort and write to these media outlets in hopes that they will ask the right questions. Either that or we sit back and wait until the debate on vaping gets large enough for the candidates to take notice, we opt for option one.