25% of U.K. Smokers Have Switched to Vaping

Around the world, more and more people are tossing out their pack of cigarettes and making the switch to vaping. The simple fact is vaping is on the rise, even with governments from China to  the U.S. trying their best to use propaganda and faulty data to stop the industry’s progress. Also let’s not forget the government overlords known as big tobacco and big pharma scrambling to find ways to either stop the industry or cash in on it.

With all that said, the simple fact still remains, vaping is on the rise, around the world, and its not slowing down.

New data out of the U.K. has found, an estimated 500,000 Brits, have switched to vaping. There are now an estimated 2.6 million vapers in Great Britain, up from 2.1 million just last year.

To put that in context, it`s important to know there are an estimated 10 million smokers in the country, roughly 22% of men, and 17% of women. Meaning in only the last few years since vaping as become an accessible option globally, 25% of the Great Britain’s smokers have switched to vaping, truly an impressive achievement.

In contrast, compared to smoking statistics across the pond, the U.S. currently has a similar amount of electronic vapor device users, and estimated 2.5-3 million, but over 40 million smokers. ASH (Action on Smoking and Health) conducted the study through Kings College located in London.

They also found that in 2014 55% of vapers used ciggalike products, but now in 2015 67% of vapers prefer tank systems. Promising findings, that show more people are gaining awareness as to the ineffectiveness of ciggalikes, which are primarily sold by big tobacco.

Though regulations in the u.k. still loom, the popularity of vaping continues to grow. The u.k. has a thriving and engaged vaper community.

These statistics further prove the fact that vaping is the future. As more people become educated and realize that vaping is a safer alternative to smoking, the statistics will continue to climb. The simple truth is, as much as governments want to huff and puff, they cannot blow this house down. Vaping has reached escape velocity, yes they can pass archaic and pointless laws, and they can try and cripple the industry, but the movement will not be stopped.