I used to frequent Vape About It almost daily back in the early days in 2015, and also the later stages of 2016.

It sadden me to see that the VapeAboutIt.com domain was not renewed, and the site was no longer up and running.

Being a big fan and reader of the site, I decided to do my best to resurrect the site, because believe it or not it did(and still does) have a lot of great content. If you’re an author of an old article that was “republished” on the new Vape About It, and would like your article taken down or edited in anyway, simply contact me.

As for the old site they had a great run and philosophy. They were original and I quote;

We are a group of dedicated vapers, store owners, advocates, from all walks of life working within and outside of the industry. With Vape About It, we strive to create a responsible, safe and mature environment for the greater vaping community, as well as provide a valuable resource with news, studies and information for vapers, smokers and non-smokers/vapers alike. We do our best to remain as impartial as possible with the evidence provided, will always cite resources when available, and are open to helping answer any questions  you may have.