Vaping Advocacy Etiquette

August 25th will mark a pivotal moment in the vape industry. If the proposed new laws pass, vaping will be categorized as a tobacco product. This would create a fundamental shift in the industry as California is the global hub of vaping.

Countless stores, distributors, and e-liquid companies could go out of business with choking regulations. Along with thousands of industry workers out of jobs.

But we vapers are a resilient bunch, with an iron will to fight for our freedom to vape. The industry is actively trying to mobilize as many vapers as possible to show up to California`s state capital in Sacramento for the hearing on Tuesday.

Therefore we thought it best to offer some guidelines on how to conduct yourself, and proper etiquette.

First and foremost, for those attending on Tuesday it is important to remember. YOU are representing the entire vape community and industry. How you behave, how you speak, will directly correlate with how our entire community is perceived.

Why does that matter?
Well aside from putting our best foot forward, there are a number of “swing voters”. These are the law makers who were not present or did not vote at the initial hearing. These are the people who can decide the outcome of this bill.

Therefore it is imperative we present ourselves professionally,
And yes this includes not chucking huge clouds in front of the public. That`s not protesting, that`s just making us look bad.

Other important things to keep in mind…

Dress appropriately: 
You don`t need to wear a three piece suit. But remember you are representing the industry as a whole. Although the vape community is open and accepting to all forms of self expression, remember this isn’t a cloud contest. This is a political hearing at a state capital. Dressing in a conservative, professional manner makes us look better collectively, like an actual INDUSTRY.

Don`t Blow Clouds:
As mentioned do not blow clouds in plain view, don’t worry they get it,you vape. We don`t need to draw unwanted attention to ourselves.

DO NOT speak out in the hearing chambers: 
This is the single most crucial thing to remember. I understand the outrage, believe me I`d like to tell Mr. Leno a few choice words myself. But we must show respect to the democratic process and follow the rules. Speaking out when you hear the fabricated lies and propaganda our opponents repeatedly say won`t help our cause.

You may get it off your chest, but you`ll severely hinder advocacy`s ability to represent us in the process.

Do not laugh or make other noises in the chambers:
Laughing out loud at comments you don`t agree with or making noises is just as bad as speaking. AGAIN, we have to play ball.

Let advocacy do their job: 
Our hard working advocates are currently working around the clock. This is not a side thing for them, it is massively time consuming and exhausting. Even with months of preparation its a huge undertaking, and this time they had less than a week.

Don`t swarm them, or hassle them on what to say or do. They are the experts, respect them and trust that they are working hard to fight for all of us.

Contacting local representatives:
If you cannot make it to Sacramento on Tuesday, then as mentioned please do your part. Call, E-mail, and get your friends and family to do the same. Casaa has provided a simple form to use here.

When you call and e-mail make sure to also conduct yourself professionally. Again your words and statements will reflect on all of us. Calling and yelling profanities at a state senator is not a great way to persuade them to vote for our cause. Understand this might be life and death for us, but for them its just another day at the office.

Do let your opinion be heard, share your story, and tell him how important vaping is to you. Do not be rude, or criticize them or speak in an aggressive tone. They will listen to comments, and opinions NOT emotional outbursts.

Again, please be sure to do your part, and help however you can. United we stand, divided we fall.