California Special Session Hearing is Open to the Public – August 19, 2015

The hearing portion of the California Special Session we’ve been hearing about WILL be open to the public, August 19th, 2015 at 1:30PM at the Capitol. We need as many bodies as we can get to represent vaping as possible! Come help us fight for our vaping rights!

Per the NorCal SFATA Call to Action, the bills introduced for this special session are as follows:

  • SB 5 & AB 6, regulating electronic cigarettes to meet existing tobacco laws
  • SB 6 & AB 7, adding hotel lobbies, small businesses, break rooms and tobacco retailers to the list of smoke-free workplaces
  • SB 7 & AB 8, changing the legal smoking age from 18 to 21
  • SB 8 & AB 9, requiring schools to be tobacco-free
  • SB 9 & AB 10, allowing local jurisdictions to tax tobacco
  • SB 10 & AB 11, creating an annual Board of Equalization tobacco licensing fee program

SB5 AND AB6 WILL CLASSIFY VAPOR PRODUCTS AS TOBACCO. In turn all of the above bills would automatically apply to vaping. If this is allowed to pass, no more vaping in hotel lobbies, vape shops. The age of access to vapor products would be raised to 21. Local taxation could be akin to the crazy 90% taxes we’ve seen proposed in other states, which would rendering vaping financially inaccessible to most vapers. (Remember the Before and After for Proposed Utah Tax Vape receipts?)

If you think we have enough people to represent your interest, that someone else will stand up to protect your vaping rights, remember: everyone else feels the same way. The only way you can be certain that your voice is heard is to speak up, for yourself. Politicians depend on the public’s inaction to push through this kind of legislation.


Most of us believe vaping saved our lives. One afternoon is a small price to help repay the small businesses, manufacturers and advocacy groups that keep fighting to save as many lives as possible. Stand up with us and show Big Pharma and the politicians they pay to do their dirty work that we won’t sit on our hands to allow them to dictate how we live or die.

For more information, please see:
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