British Prime Minister Endorses Vaping

David Cameron, the British Prime Minister; has become the first world leader to publicly endorse the usage of electronic cigarettes.

Prime Minister Cameron went on the record, after being asked about his view on e-cigarette regulation. Revealing that he believed e-cigarettes are a legitimate aid use by people to help break the habit of smoking after discussing his own struggle to quit smoking. Stating “certainly as somebody who has been through this battle a number of times, eventually relatively successfully, lots of people find different ways of doing it, and certainly for some people e-cigarettes are successful.

In 2015, England moved to the forefront of a relatively fair and sound approach to vaping. Becoming a leading example of how a major world government could preserve the rights and freedoms of its citizens to adopt vaping, while at the same time maintaining their commitment to the greater public’s health and safety.

Their own ministry of health conducted one of the first government funded studies on vaping, and concluded the now often cited findings that vapor is 95% less harmful than tobacco smoking. The landmark study also helped make strides in exposing the blatant bias and propaganda of US researches, falsifying data and using junk science.

Cameron also said “I think we do need to be guided by the experts. We should look at the report from Public Health England but its promising to see that overall, one million people are estimated to have used e-cigarettes to help them quit”.

The UK`s vape community is growing, as is the number of citizens using vapor devices, the estimated number now totals 2.6 million people.

The Prime Minister further added “I think we should be making clear that this is a very legitimate path for many people to improve their health and the health of the nation”.

At such a volatile time for the vape industry, it’s a relief to see some world leaders actually approaching vaping logically. While many U.S. Politicians are driven by ulterior motives and maintain an alarmist attitude, leaders in the UK are at least putting the health of their citizens ahead of special interest groups.