CDC Vaping Data, Exposes They Are Liars

Last week when the CDC released its recent findings from their annual national youth tobacco survey, all the headlines read the same “e-cig use triples among high school students”. Every media outlet around the country was singing the same tune. They are spreading alarmist propaganda about vaping and the upward trend of teen usage.

The cornerstone argument of the CDC and other vaping opponents is that vapor is a gateway to tobacco. We at vapeaboutit have debunked that belief with research. Unlike the CDC which just says whatever they feel like without presenting evidence.

According to the CDC’s own findings, although e-cig use has tripled among high school students in the past year, cigarette smoking has also dropped. The data shows a direct correlation between the two. As more high school students try vaping, less try cigarettes:

smoking vaping teenagers


We do not condone the use of vapor products by minors in anyway, but I will say it is without a doubt the safer alternative. As we pointed out last week, the CDC and the media conveniently seem to brush this data under the rug.

Ironically, The CDC’s own tobacco survey, exposes their own lies and disproves their own argument.

The CDC’s director Dr. Tom Frieden is quoted saying “there is a significant likelihood that a proportion of those who are using e-cigarettes will go on to use combustible cigarettes.”

Yet offers no actual evidence or research to support his ridiculous claims. Their own survey shows smoking among high school students has dropped to below 10 percent, marking the first time ever that statistic is in single digits.

So, the CDC claims e-cig use will lead to cigarette smoking, yet their own data shows as vaping is on the rise, smoking is on the decline. Yet they sound the alarms and are all over the media saying otherwise??

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but something sure smells fishy.