Congressman Calls Out Politicans on Omni Bill and Anti-Vaping Stance

Last week the House Of Representatives passed the omnibus spending bill, an end of year piece of legislation which ensured the federal government to be funded until October of 2016. Aside from the hilarious fact that our elected officials actually have to pass legislation to ensure our government stays open for business, a number of specific things were added to the bill.

In particular, Within the legislation Democrats removed a GOP backed rider which proposed exempting vapor products as tobacco products. The rider would have accomplished the goal of H.R. 2058, the bill proposed by Oklahoma Congressmen Tom Cole. Which would extend the grandfather date on tobacco products to include all existing vapor devices and e-liquids companies.

To clarify, H.R. 2058 was not voted against, nor struck down, the bill has yet to be voted on and is still very much alive. Instead the proposed rider which would have had a similar effect, was removed from the omnibus bill.

Now we here at Vape About It, try to maintain a bi partisan approach to politics. There are plenty of vapers who identify as Liberals, as there are vapers who consider themselves Conservatives. But, we have to call a spade a spade, as it would seem the primary opponent of the U.S. vape industry are the Democrats.

Over the weekend GOP Congressman Duncan Hunter of the 52nc district (San Diego) of California came out in criticism of house minority leader Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco).

Hunter, a veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan, called out Pelosi after she sent a document to fellow dem house members claiming a number of victories in the omni bill. Specifically calling the GOP rider as a “gift to big tobacco”.

In a letter sent to Pelosi, Congressman Hunter refuted minority leader Pelosi`s comments stating “Ironically, by not supporting the commercial availability of e-cigarettes, with all their advancements in recent years, you are giving your support- whether intended or not- to traditional cigarettes and other products.”

The Congressman also revealed his own journey to smoking cessation with the usage of vapor devices. Urging minority leader Pelosi to change her views on vaping by pointing out the British Prime Ministers recent comments and added “I encourage you to revisit this important issue- specifically changing the predicate date within the FDA`s proposed rule – with the understanding that e-cigarettes save lives.”

We have pointed out a number of times, that many elected officials on the left who oppose vaping are also coincidentally funded by big pharma companies who have a vested interest in seeing the vape industry heavily regulated.

Fortunately, it seems there are a growing number of politicians like Congressman Duncan, who opt for reason and logic when it comes to vaping, rather than propaganda. We hope both parties can come to a consensus and pass fair regulation that would preserve vaping, and provide access to the millions of Americans that currently vape, in addition to the millions who still smoke and yet to make the switch.