Exploding E-Cig Causes House Fire?

A house fire erupted from an electronic cigarette exploding as it was being charged in the Township of Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey.

The homeowner was using her cell phone charger instead of the e-cig charger. She assumed it made no difference due to their identical design, and USB cable compatibility.

Unfortunately she was not aware that a standard e-cigarette could not withstand the stronger electrical current of a cell phone charger and would overheat. Luckily there were no injuries, and damage was minimal, limited to the kitchen area according to fire fighters who responded to the call.

This is another case of user error causing a potentially dangerous and harmful situation.

The report of exploding e-cig batteries has increased, as vaping continues to grow in popularity. It is important to keep in mind, the problem here isn’t the battery itself.

Although The U.S. market is unregulated, hardware manufacturers in China have uniform safety standards they must all comply with. The problem here is educating beginners on proper maintenance.

Learn more about vaping battery safety here.

Higher quality batteries provide added features for protection, but they still require a basic understanding in order to ensure safety.

A story like this may seem like added ammunition for the vape industries opponents.

In truth, this story further demonstrates that overbearing regulations can lead to potential harm. For example, regulations that would debilitate specialty vape shops forcing them to shut down, and limit the sale of vapor products to smoke shops and convenience stores. Customers would then be purchasing products from people who have no expertise on proper operation and maintenance.

The danger here isn’t to avid vapers who are experienced and know what their doing, but to the many beginners just starting out who are clueless about vape safety and proper maintenance.

Vaping is not rocket science, but it does have a learning curve.

By placing harsh restrictions on specialty shops, consumers will also be restricted from access to qualified individuals to teach them. Stay safe out there, practice proper safety and responsible battery storage and #vapeon.