Special Session Open to Public

News broke yesterday that the California legislatures special session would be open to the public. Sending California`s industry stake holders into a scramble, in order to mobilize in time.

As we said yesterday, we urge all vapers, especially those involved in the industry to do their best in making it to the state capital tomorrow. It is imperative we rally as many people as we can to show our solidarity.

Mark Leno and the anti vaping propagandists are relentless. It has become clear Leno will not stop in his attempts to cripple the vapor industry. His big pharma overlords know that by eliminating the California vape industry a domino effect will follow. They are quite blatantly going for our throats.

Leno’s connection to big pharma is well documented as we have pointed out. We thought his defeat on SB140 would make him give up his crusade of ignorance and misinformation. But we`re assuming his good friends in the pharmaceutical industry were not too pleased. Which is why he`s now exploiting and manipulating the legislative process in order to once again try and destroy our community.

We implore anyone and everyone who is capable of attending the hearing in Sacramento tomorrow to make the trip. As our friend Stefan Didak the founder/president of NotBlowingSmoke.Org and the Norcal Chapter president of SFATA put it ” The California legislature and the entire nation heard you loud and clear during SB140. For the upcoming special session we need you to be a little louder”.

So, make the trip, send the e-mails, make a phonecall do whatever you can to contribute. This is our cause, nobody is going to come to our rescue. It is up to us to unite and fight against the powers that be who wish to restrict our freedom.

If you can’t make the trip,  then please take the time to call, and e-mail. CASAA has provided an easy way to contact state and local representatives here. We must make our voices heard if we want to defeat these unfair regulations.