How The Media Has Turned Vaping Into a Sin

I often reflect back to when I first started vaping almost 5 years ago. Strangers would come up to me and ask what it was I was doing. I would excitingly explain to them what an e-cigarette was and how it worked.

I’d get questions such as, “Do you feel better now that you don’t smoke cigarettes?” “What’s the difference between smoking a real cigarette as opposed to that e-cigarette?” These are questions I loved to answer! Then 2014 hit. It was like an explosion!
One day people were asking informative questions, and the next day I was getting looks of disgust, being told “that thing is worse than a cigarette!” “You know those aren’t regulated by the FDA right?”

It completely caught me off-guard. What was once a conversation starter and an educational discussion, had now turned into bashing and people putting me down almost overnight.  

I remember a strange feeling come over me. I felt like a kid on the playground getting picked on. I never asked for their opinion. For the 5 years I vaped I had never bashed anyone for not vaping. It was something I just did. It was something a co-worker of mine had introduced to me as a safer alternative to my ten year analog cigarette addiction.
When I started vaping their were no vape meets, cloud competitions, or even brick and mortar stores. The terms Cloud Chasing, Vape Mail, and Sub-Ohming weren’t coined yet.
I may sound like “Old Man Vaper” here, but the point I’m getting to is that the media has turned vaping into a sin. More importantly it has turned curious people who used to think with their own brain, into parrots that just repeat the negative things they hear and see in the media regarding vaping.
That news has obviously not been positive. But why? It’s been scientifically proven through multiple studies that vaping is 99% safer than smoking a traditional cigarette. Isn’t this something the news outlets would think of as a good thing?
Wouldn’t you want to be shouting from the rooftops, “Hey! We found a healthier alternative to cigarettes! It’s called vaping!” Common sense told me since day one that vaping was a healthier alternative to cigarettes.
We can’t go on common sense alone when it comes to our health. So I started looking up scientific studies, and I found them! I found the science that proves vaping is safer than cigarettes! I remember thinking at the time, Why isn’t the news covering this???
Then I stepped back and looked at the big picture. The economy. I started looking at the numbers, and who was in bed with big tobacco. It dawned on me that this war on vaping is not about helping teens or preventing a new public health epidemic.

This was about money. As I started my own research, I came across something called the Master Settlement Agreement, or “The Smoking Gun to the War on Vape” as I like to call it.

The Master Settlement Agreement was an agreement put in place in November 1998 that Stated Big Tobacco would pay the 46 U.S. States involved in the settlement (the other 4 States already had agreements in place with Big Tobacco) approximately 10 Billion dollars annually to help fund campaigns to reduce smoking.
Each of the signing States gave up any legal claims they might have based on the companies’ actions at issue in these cases. The tobacco companies agreed to pay the States these billions of dollars to compensate them for taxpayer money which had previously been spent on tobacco-related diseases.

Simply put, The Master Settlement Agreement settled all the State lawsuits that sought billions of dollars in State’s costs associated with the treatment of smoking related illness.

Now here’s where it gets dicey. When the bankers on Wall Street heard about the Master Settlement Agreement, they offered the States hundreds of millions up front. In exchange the States would pay wall street back over time with interest.
We call this borrowing, or better known as loan-sharking. One thing the States and big tobacco didn’t count on was a disruption in the market, or E-Cigarettes. All of a sudden, as more and more people quit cigarettes and started vaping, those States started losing revenue and defaulting on the loans that wall street had given them. This is where we are at now.
To tie it all together, Big Tobacco and the States involved in the Master Settlement Agreement aren’t receiving the huge payouts they were getting before e-cigarettes hit the market.
Now since Big Tobacco lobbyists are involved with the media, we are seeing a crackdown on E-Cigarettes. We are hearing about how bad they are, how they are not a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes, and how more and more teens are becoming addicted to e-cigarettes. All the media is focusing in on is misinformation and lies about vaping.
They are doing this because they are controlled by Big Tobacco lobbyists. Big Tobacco holds the purse-strings. E-Cigarettes are considered just as bad, if not worse than regular cigarettes, according to almost every major news media outlet.  And it’s not based on facts or scientific studies. It’s based on what Big Tobacco wants you to hear.