Orwellian Vaping Laws Signed into Law in Indiana

Today is a sad day that may irrevocably alter the vaping landscape in Indiana. HB 1432 Passed. The bill puts heavy restrictions on the use of vaping within the state. Fighting these types of laws is exactly why this site was created.

Some of the restrictions imposed per this bill:

  • Eliquid manufacturers must obtain a permit from the alcohol and tobacco commission before bottling e-liquid or selling e-liquid to retailers or distributors.
  • Manufacturing permit requires plans for the applicant’s manufacturing facility and a security firm certification that the manufacturer meets security requirements.
  • Eliquid manufacturers must obtain permits, with an application fee of $1,000, and a permit renewal application fee of $500 after five years.
  • If not approved for permits, you may reapply within 30 days, past this the fees are non-refundable.
  • The criteria for approval includes a child proof cap.
  • Punishes retailers who distribute e-liquid manufactured by a company without a permit.
  • No one listed on the permit can have a felony or an offense involving a controlled substance on record.
  • The State can conduct criminal background checks on people distributing e-liquid.
  • The manufacturer’s facility must be subject to 24-hour video recording where e-liquid is mixed, bottled, packaged and stored.
  • Manufacturers will be subject to random audits of the facility and samples.
  • Batches must be indicated on the bottles label.
  • Three ten milliliter sample bottles from each batch of 2 liters or more must be saved for three years, secured in a location with video surveillance.
  • Home brewing of e-liquid (DIY) cannot be made for resale.

This is only a handful of requirements outlined by the bill. These standards will apply to manufacturers outside of the State of Indiana, so a liquid manufactured in another State would have to be subject to the same scrutiny set forth by Indiana to be sold there.

This bill also sets a dangerous precedent for the rest of the country, as the degree of restrictions asserted over e-liquid manufacturing in Indiana is literally unheard of in any industry.

This bill essentially enables Big Tobacco to be the only game in the state, as such stringent criteria is virtually impossible for small businesses to meet. This will undoubtedly keep more people smoking and is a win for big tobacco and big pharma.

Please share this article far and wide, forums, groups, message boards, re-write it on your blogs. This shows that the government can and will take away your rights, that advocacy and laws aren’t just something that may or might happen. They are happening, we need to organize, we need to rally, we need to raise money, we need to lobby.

Please support Casaa.org and SFATA.org. #notblowingsmoke.