Petition to Remove Vaping From Tobacco Category Gains Momentum

An often overlooked reality is that Facebook, Google and other major platforms categorize vaping under tobacco.

To the casual observer, that categorization may not seem like it matters much. After all, at the end of the day, although vaping is not smoking, it resembles the act of it, so whats the big deal?

Well its not so much the category that matters, its the rules and policies that apply to the category that is a major issue. Being categorized as tobacco means for starters that no vape company or brand can purchase paid advertisement on Google or Facebook.

Which is why you rarely see sponsored posts from vape related companies, save for a few that figure out a way to trick the system.

This rule in particular has greatly impacted us here at Vape About It. Although we do not sell any product or represent any brands. We are still unable to even promote articles we feel are important or noteworthy. Promoting e-liquid is one thing, but we’re unable to promote research or news about the vape industry, even to our own audience.

The only exception for this rule has been the documentary “A Billion Lives” who petitioned Facebook, due to freedom of speech, we unfortunately were not so fortunate.

Now, a brave and forward thinking fellow vaper, named Kevin Price has taken the initiative and started a petition addressed towards Mark Zuckerberg to have Facebook rethink their stance on vaping, and the category they place it under.

The petition is beginning to pick up momentum, breaking the 10,000 signature mark as of today.
As much as advocacy promotes signing legislative petitions and making phone calls, this petition could have a massive impact on our industries ability to promote the benefits of vaping.

Large media companies regularly feature articles with misleading and factually false information about vaping. By removing the restrictions against vape related brands, we can collectively spread awareness and counteract the anti vaping propaganda.

So take a moment and sign here