Vermont Approves 46% Vaping Tax Hike

Vermont law makers just approved a 46% tax hike on all vapor/electronic cigarette products, including e-liquid.

The Vermont state house approved the measure, narrowly in a 70-67 vote. One of the bills biggest proponents Jim McCullough, D-Williston said “If we permit this to continue without regulation, then we are aiding and abetting nicotine addiction, guaranteed for our children in middle school right now”.

Unfortunately Mr. McCullough seems to think a tax hike will somehow deter children from purchasing Vapor products. Apparently middle school students are very informed about tax policy in the lovely state of Vermont.

But we won`t pick on Mr. McCullough too much, since he’s only one of countless politicians beginning to sound like a broken record. The same argument repeated over and over again, with their unfounded claims, exaggerated interpretations of data and just good old fashioned out right lies.

The irony is, mouth breathing politicians like McCullough defeat their own arguments while also revealing their ulterior motives.

Case in point: how exactly does a tax hike deter middle school students from purchasing vapor products?

Minors cannot purchase e-cigs. They usually acquire them through third parties i.e.: older person getting them one. A tax hike only harms and hinders small business owners, reducing vape shops profit and causing them to close.

Seems like they want small businesses and vape shops to close. State governments are worried about the loss of tax revenue from tobacco sales.

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The issue here isn’t just the tax, although it’s unfair, at the end of the day taxation will be unavailable for our industry. As the saying goes, there are only two guarantees in life death and taxes. The issue is the propaganda and misinformation used by politicians to justify regulations. Masking their greed with false concern for children instead of being transparent.