Vape Prohibition Begins

Thanks to corrupt politicians lead by Mark Leno who is in the pockets of big pharma, vaping will now be categorized as a tobacco product in California.

Unless some miracle is to happen, SBX2 5 will pass, pending a final vote.  The state which is home to the majority of leading e-liquid brands, mod manufacturers, and has the highest concentration of vape shops. Will now have to operate in a heavily regulated environment. In a state treats vaping the same as smoking a cigarette.

Within the same 24 hours that England`s health department has officially announced its full support for vaping as a safe method of smoking cessation. The corrupt, misinformed law makers in the state of California have agreed to prohibition.

That needs to be repeated…

The leading government health organization of AN ENTIRE COUNTRY has publicly stated it believes vaping to be 95% less harmful than smoking, and wants to offer vapor devices as a medical therapy.

While politicians in California just voted to categorize it as tobacco, which will cripple countless small businesses. A decision made on the misinformation and outright blatant lies of Mark Leno and his supporters.

So why did this happen?

Mark Leno can whine all he wants that “its about protecting children” and protecting public health. No, this comes down to two simple things:

The loss of taxes collected from cigarette sales by the state, and the loss of profits by big pharma slanging their ineffective cessation products.

Now because of government greed, and corporate greed small business owners will have to suffer. Entrepreneurs who risked their financial livelihoods will suffer, as will thousands of employees.

The final tally on the vote must be had, before it goes into effect. Not every senator was present during the hearing to cast their vote. But as it stands, the entire industry is about to be impacted and changed, and unfortunately not for the better.