Tax Payers Footing the Bill for Vaper Smear Campaign

The California Department of Public Health recently launched a $75 million smear campaign “Still Blowing Smoke”. Marking the first mass-media attempt by government officials to halt the rapid growth of the vape industry.

The campaign features a number of over the top ads, one featuring young children, and  even infant toddlers attempting to use electronic vapor devices. Calling it an “ad campaign” is being generous, propaganda would be better. You can view all their ads here.

Outlandish ignorance aside, what about the overall cost of such a project?

The tax payers are picking up the tab for to appease the special interest big tobacco companies.

In an article written by Paul Blair, on the Americans for Tax Reform site, documents were shown that the total cost of California’s department of public health propaganda campaign will total $75 million. An amount that was conveniently not mentioned in the department’s official press release about the new campaign.

Where will that $75 million come from? Tax payers of course. Money that could be allocated towards other crucial needs such as education, police, alarming water shortage and a myriad of other uses.

Curiously, it seems that politicians seem to be the most keen on discouraging the use of vapor products. When the overwhelming majority of health experts agree that even though vaping may not be 100% safe or risk free, it is still a better alternative to smoking tobacco.

Tobacco products have some of the highest taxes of any consumer good. Annual sales generated $895 million in revenue for the California government in 2012 (the latest data available).

More people vaping, means less people smoking, and less tax money for government. Not to mention, less revenue for big tobacco who’s lobbyist account for millions in campaign contributions.

Are you comfortable with flipping the bill to help big tobacco kill hundreds of thousands of people every year? Let us know what you think in the comments below.