Vape Propaganda; Teens Hospitalized From Vaping?

On Monday night, Three teenagers were rushed to the ICU in Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

911 was called late Monday evening, when a young male teen was found unconscious at a local church after vomiting numerous times. Two other teens were admitted to the ICU at a nearby hospital, who had been seen with the young male earlier.

All three boys reported similar symptoms, including seizure like reactions and vomiting. The teens admitted to having vaped from an e-cig device earlier that evening, before they began showing signs of illness.

The police confiscated the device, and upon testing found no traces of nicotine or flavored e-liquid. Instead, authorities believe the liquid substance inside was “K-2” a known form of synthetic marijuana, and sent the device to a lab for further analysis.

Fortunately the three teens have since recovered, and the Tahlequah Police department believe they know the identity of the man who gave them the device.

Why this matters:

The real story here is not a group of foolish teenagers vaping on synthetic marijuana. Its unfortunate they became ill and had to be hospitalized, but the real story is how the story itself is presented.

The headline is not “Teens hospitalized after consumption of synthetic marijuana”. No it completely leaves that out, only mentioning it in the body of the story itself.

Synthetic marijuana is a growing epidemic, especially amongst underage teenagers. It has a long list of dangerous side effects. Most alarming of all, they`re technically legal and sold as “incense”. Furthermore lawmakers can`t regulate them because as soon as they outlaw one formula, manufacturers tweak the ingredients.

But no, the article would have you believe that vaping is the culprit. They would have you believe that once again vaping is harming our children. Run for the hills, protect your children before your son or daughter ends up in the ICU.

So rather than focus on the problem which is the rise of synthetic marijuana, they instead want to point the finger at us. An issue the vape industry has nothing to do with. its like blaming syringe makers for a heroin overdose. 

Vapers are looking to quit smoking, and enjoy the taste and experience of vaping not get high off incense.

We’ve documented how government organizations blatantly lie and mislead with faulty facts. But the bigger threat is subliminal propaganda such as this by the media, that further perpetuates the public’s perception that vaping is harmful.